Sahaja Yoga Techniques Practised at the International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Centre

The Sahaja Yoga techniques practised at the International Health Centre are strictly as per the guidance of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The techniques adopted for cleansing are simple and mainly focus on the balancing of the right and the left channels using different combinations of the natural elements like the Mother Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light and Ether.

Use of candle and camphor as cleansing techniques, use of the Light element, is done for cleansing the imbalances of the left side. Ghee and camphor techniques are administered for the Vishuddhi and Hamsa Chakras, while ice-packs keeps the liver cool and foot soaking, the use of the Water element, corrects the imbalances of the right side. No other techniques are followed other than those advised by Shri Mataji.

Curing or cleansing the subtle body by meditation technique is of the utmost importance. This helps the practitioner to arrive at the thoughtless-awareness state by placing onesí attention on the Sahasrara. Prolonged state of this Sahaja Yoga meditation helps develop a spontaneous flow of cool breeze over the palm and the head regions. The degree of coolness attained is a direct indication of the state of our inner condition, balance and meditation. This initiates the process of healing on one hand while on the other it helps rectify and also nullify all the imbalances in the body.

In Sahaja Yoga the hypothesis is that diseases are caused due to imbalances in the subtle system by either moving one's attention too much to the left (emotions) or to the right (actions).Sahaja Yoga techniques are focused primarily on balancing the right and left channels within our body. Once the balanced state is reached, both the hands are kept on the lap and the seeker needs to focus their inner attention on the Sahasrara (over the anterior fontanel area on head region) with a prayer to Divine Mother for a blessing of a balanced state.

This initiates the awakening of the dormant energy that exists within us as Kundalini. Once the Kundalini within the individual gets awakened, it rises and passes through five Chakras in the central channel crossing the Agnya chakra and reaching the Sahasrara Chakra, where one enters the state called thoughtless awareness. As the latent energy ascends up in the seeker it pierces the anterior fontanel on the head region to get united with the Divine energy that is all pervading and then one starts feeling the emergence of a cool breeze. Once this process takes place, the vibrations that are generated start the healing and nourishing of the affected Chakras, correcting the imbalances and providing the required energy within to initiate the process of healing and curing.

Treating Non-Sahaja Yogis at the Health Centre

Non Sahaja Yogis are also welcome at the Health Centre to get their self-realization and then they are guided to develop their own vibrations which help the individual to work on their affected chakras or channels. The Health Centre has many cases on record of new-comers being helped to get this benefit of the Sahaja Yoga technique and to get individual ailments completely cured. Due to the tremendous increase in the workload at the Health Centre with the influx of many Sahaja Yogis, the Health Centre encourages all new-comers to visit a nearby Sahaja Yoga Centre for the first initiation. One can take advantage of first receiving Self Realization in the local Centre and initiate the process of Sahaja Yoga meditation, after which the balancing starts spontaneously by itself and it becomes easier to understand the cleansing techniques adopted in Sahaja Yoga meditation with developing of individual vibrations. It is preferred that once an individual is initiated into Sahaja Yoga and is dedicated and later has the desire to get the benefit of progressing through Sahaja Yoga techniques, then the Health Centre will readily take up the case to help guide them further.

Those with medical problems

It should be noted that the Health Centre has achieved cures or improvements in some cases where medical science could offer no relief whatsoever. Even if one receives full medical treatment from one's personal doctor, one may still wish to come to the Health Centre.

In sickness, the medical profession simply eliminates the symptom. Medical practice does not cure. A cure is affected only when the blockages in the subtle system that caused a disease to manifest are itself eliminated.

Yogis with medical problems can consider going to the Health Centre to benefit from the experience and focused attention of the Sahaja Yogi Doctors who help them clear the blockages in the subtle system.

Those without medical problems

With respect to persons who have no medical problems, the natural question is why one should take the big step and come to the Health Centre. Late Prof. Dr. U.C Rai once quoted our Holy Mother, who said that yogis sometimes cannot feel their imbalances. This is due to blockages in their chakras.

This is a very important statement by our Holy Mother. It indicates that unless you can feel your imbalances, your spiritual ascent may be very difficult to achieve. It is after you understand your problem that you can eliminate it.

In order to appreciate Shri Mataji's remark, She has stated that the number of diseases that exist is the total number of combinations and permutations of the Chakras. On the three channels there are twenty-one Chakras, so the total number of combinations and permutations can be computed as the product of 21 x 20 x 19 x 18 ... 3 x 2 x 1.

At the same time, it also gives an idea of the fact that in each one of us, the condition of the subtle system is not as simple as might be indicated. Of course, no human ever gets this fantastic number of imbalances.

To ascertain the condition of the subtle system and to treat the various imbalances a person who has a well developed sense of vibratory awareness is required. Such yogis are the ones who help to balance the subtle system and get a person on their way to their spiritual ascent.

In a way every Doctor and staff member are Sahaja Yogis blessed by H.H. Shri Mataji and they work relentlessly by Her blessings and Divine attentions to help cure hundreds and thousands of patients who have received benefit since the Health Centers' inception.