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In February of 2002, I was at the Sahaja Yoga Health Centre at Belapur, in order to dust off some more negativity from my subtle system. On the 19th of February, it was the sixth anniversary of the

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New Sahaja Yoga Research Presented at International Cardiology Conference in Mumbai on 7-Jan-2010

An International Conference on Cardiology was held at the Mahatama Gandhi Mission Institute of Health Sciences in Mumbai on 7th Jan 2010.  Participating in the conference were internationally reputed and renowned Professors in Cardiology from America and distinguished scientists from NIMANS, Bangalore. Besides there were host of distinguished Cardiologists from all over Mumbai and  in all about 500 Medical doctors including teaching faculty of the Medical School, Cardiologists and Physicians from all over the city  attended this conference.

DR. Ravi Bapat- the Vice Chancellor of MGM UHS inaugurated the Conference.

DR. T.R. Raju, Dean of Faculty of Basic Sciences National Institute of Health & Research Centre, Bangalore an internationally acclaimed Indian scientist spoke on how Stem Cell therapy is evolving as treatment for the Heart diseases.

Dr. Kaushik Patel, Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology on the University of Nebraska Medical School, Omaha, USA spoke on how sympathetic activity of heart is controlled by Hypothalamus and benefits of controlling the sympathetic system for benefits in heart disease.

Dr. Irving. H. Zuker, Prof & Director of UNMC Cardiovascular Research Centre and Chairman Department of Cardiovascular Physiology & Biophysics at Univ. of Nebraska, Omaha, USA spoke about how various Neuro-chemicals effect receptors in Heart and Kidney.

Prof. Satya Prabha, a distinguished scientist from India’s top most medical  institute spoke about yogic modulation of Heart through ‘Asanas’ and ‘Vipasana’ meditation and its effect on  sleep quality  and heart.

Concluding session was focused on the effect of consciousness development on cardiovascular functions.

Dr. Sandeep Rai , Director Research of International. Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre, Mumbai & Assoc Prof & Unit Head, Post Graduate Dept of Medicine MGM University of Medical Sciences, Mumbai, presented the data on ‘Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on Heart diseases’, especially on ‘Stress and ‘Blood pressure’.

However the most significant new study Dr Rai presented was on ‘Heart Rate Variability’ - an ongoing study being conducted at the Vashi Hospital where he showed that Sahaja Yoga meditators during 5 minutes of mediation could significantly increase their ‘Parasympathetic activity’.

H.H Shri Mataji revealed several times in Her teachings in earlier days that the Central Channel-also called the Sushumna Nadi- represents the ‘Parasympathetic System’. Parasympathetic System relaxes the body . Kundalini when rises in Central Channel causes increase in parasympathetic activity but that part could not be proved conclusively as  till now there was no direct means of quantifying Parasympathetic activity with reasonable accuracy and authenticity.

This is the first time that Dr. S.  Rai and his team from Vashi Hospital and the Physiology Dept. of MGM Institute of Medical sciences have  been able to show that just within five minutes of meditation with closed eyes there was a very significant increase in Parasympathetic activity.

This is precisely what H.H Shri Mataji revealed to us, that ‘when Kundalini gets activated and rises in Central Channel, Parasympathetic system is activated’ and this has now been proved scientifically. In fact we have now precisely a way to know when the Kundalini is rising or  when it is in a risen state,  in any Meditator.

This study has proved to be a very important break-though as for the first time it can confidently be said  that Sahaja Yoga Meditation not only helps reduce overactive sympathetic system in stressful situations there by indirectly relaxing the body, but more importantly it directly stimulates the Parasympathetic system – that is the ‘real relaxation Switch’ of the body.

Dr. Kaushik P. Patel A Professor Of Cardio Vas Physiology at Omaha in USA, chairing Dr. Rai’s Session said that he has no doubt that Kundalini Meditation works and that his researchers also show that through limbic system and hypothalamus our sympathetic and parasympathetic system is modulated. Further he added that he ‘agreed with H.H. Shri Mataji’s explanations of Kundalini activation and its beneficial effects’.

After disclosure of this Research study Dr. Sandeep Rai asked the permission from Chair for 5 mins programme of Realization and Dr. Madhur Rai , Chief Medical Officer Vashi Hospital initiated the realization process to a packed auditorium  of about 500 Doctors from all over India and abroad. By Mothers Grace permission was sought for about 50 overseas Sahaja Yogis along with few Indian Sahaja Yogis from Vashi Health Centre to attend the Sahaja yoga session in this Conference. The presence of yogis and Mother’s attention helped a lot for all delegates present to get their Realization as the vibrations were phenomenal at the end of the session.

Later in the day Prof Patel, Cardiologist, from USA came down especially to Vashi Hospital to visit the place and discuss about on Joint Research Project with their University and Vashi Hospital. He joyfully received his Realization and felt the vibrations.

Shri Mataji we thank You for this unique opportunity to introduce Sahaja Yoga to doctors and specialist seekers.

Jai Shri Mataji

[Sahaja Yoga news on ' Times of India' of Navi Mumbai ed.21st January 2010]

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