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In February of 2002, I was at the Sahaja Yoga Health Centre at Belapur, in order to dust off some more negativity from my subtle system. On the 19th of February, it was the sixth anniversary of the

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Senior Govt. Health Policy Makers and Doctors receive their Self Realization in Hyderabad

A Scientific Session on "Stress Reduction by Sahaja Yoga "was organized for the Senior Health Administrators and Health Policy Makers of the Government and Doctors of Andhra Pradesh State in its Capital, Hyderabad on 18th Dec 2010 by Sahaja Yoga Organization of Andhra Pradesh.

The Directorate of Health, - In -charge and Regulator of all the Medical Institutions in the State, including all the Medical Colleges and other Hospitals in the State, organized this programme.

Director of Health, Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Ravi Raj along with other Joint Commissioners of Health Department and Senior Health Management Staff Members of Health Dept, were amongst the distinguished guests present in the gathering of Health Policy Makers of the Government to attend the Scientific Presentation on Sahaja Yoga.

Prof. Dr. Sandeep Rai, Director, Vashi Health Centre, delivered a Scientific Presentation on "Effects of Sahaja Yoga on Reduction Stress & Stress Related Diseases" in the Main Auditorium situated in Head Office of the Directorate of Health ,Hyderabad

Principal Secretary Health to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, who is also Director of prestigious Nizam's Institute of Medical Science agreed to grace the occasion as Chief Guest in this Programme and sent an official note to all Head of Departments and other Senior Administrative Staff as" highly recommended programme to be attended."

After Prof Rai's presentation on Scientific Researches on Sahaja Yoga, Self Realization Programme was conducted by Dr. Madhur Rai , CMO , of the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre After the Self Realization Programme a lot of Senior Doctors came up to the stage and were heard saying 'This is what we were looking for a very long time".

The same day another programme was conducted for the Doctors that included the Senior Faculty Members and Young Medical Post Graduates and Graduate Doctors at Gandhi Medical College, the oldest Medical College in Hyderabad.

Prof. Dr. Venkatesh, Principal of Gandhi Medical College was the Chief Guest on this occasion. The Auditorium of Medical College was full to the capacity with Doctors who listened with great interest to the Scientific Presentation that followed with Self Realization programme conducted by Dr. Madhur Rai

At both these places the event was covered by Television channels and Press media, and later the Speaker's interview was flashed on television and local news paper.

Next day a Medical Seminar was organized by the Sahaja Yoga collective of Andhra Pradesh. Around 300 yogis had gathered from all over the State. Special workshop on Sahaja Yoga that included meditation, techniques of cleansing procedures, and other activities practiced in Vashi Health Centre were demonstrated and discussed .

Dr Sandeep Rai and Dr Mrs.Madhur Rai, spent the entire morning session with the yogis answering their various queries and clearing their doubts.

The two days events were meticulously planned and executed by the active participation of enthusiastic members and coordinators along with the dedicated team work of the Andhra Collective.

We thank Shri Mataji again and again, for all Her blessings and pray that She gives us more such opportunity to be Her instrument in Her Divine Work.

Jai Shri Mataji