Some of the experiences shared by the Sahaja Yogis in the Health Centre:

Etienne Loyson from Belgium

He is a 62 year old architect and is just spell-bound. “Earlier I had high blood pressure. Doctors abroad had suggested taking several tablets on a routine basis as the only treatment method. But today, with Sahaja Yoga and the blessing of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, I am full of energy. I have stopped all medicines and I feel I am just 30 years old.”

Katherine Reid from England (who suffered from irritable bowels syndrome)

She is a happy woman today, in contrast to her life previously when she had to take several medicines prior to her arrival in CBD, Belapur Centre. “I feel much better having stopped my medication completely”.

Anna Kargaity from Canada

She says, “My health has improved by about eighty percent.” She suffered from depressive psychosis and is full of smiles today. “I now have a positive outlook towards life, being able to develop my own personality and express my feelings,” she says. Similar benefits were highlighted by Belinda from Australia, Kumar from Canada, Bryan from USA and others.

On being asked as to why so many foreigners are coming to India, when advanced medicines are available with doctors of modern medicine all over the world, the late Dr. U.C Rai once commented, “The doctors abroad don't have a treatment for the psyche of human beings, except giving tranquillizers, sedatives and anti-depressant drugs. These are not only harmful, but also habit-forming. In view of this, Sahaja Yoga, which can control the psyche of human beings by meditation, has become very popular to the treatment and prevention of psychosomatic diseases like bronchial asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, multiple sclerosis and spondylitis, to name a few. It is all due to the blessings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who founded the International Sahaja Yoga Health Centre, and has enlightened thousands of people all over the world.”

Mrs. Sathyawani from Jahirabad, India

I am a cancer patient from Jahirabad. I was operated upon once but still have a possibility of breast cancer in future. I was advised to have Chemotherapy but I refused it and came to the Health Centre for Sahaja Yoga treatment. I have confidence and faith in Mother. The doctors advised me to deepen in Sahaja Yoga meditation technique. I was also told to do regular foot soaking and meditation. I stayed for 15 days and now I am feeling cool vibrations and feeling better than before.

I have found that my attention and the personal level meditation have improved dramatically because of the therapy at the Health Centre. Now I feel better and my stomach ache has also stopped. I feel deep within me the presence of Mother in the Health Centre and also felt as if She is there all the time near me and blessing me during the cleansing exercise and meditation.

Dr. (Mrs). Anju Sharma from Meerut, India

I came to the Health Centre to improve my “Dhyan”(meditation) as well as health. I wanted to establish myself again in the Sahaja Yoga. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1991 and in 1995 I was bed-ridden. I was a Medical student then and there was no effect of medicines on me from the allopathic treatments administered on me. I heard of Sahaja Yoga and Mother (Shri Mataji) and immediately I requested my father to take me to Her. My cousin gave me realization in Meerut while enroute to Cabella in Italy for Guru Puja. When he returned I was not feeling the vibrations but was able to concentrate. I had faith in Mother and I surrendered to Her completely. My health improved and within a year I was working in the Health Centre with Dr. U. C. Rai. Then I pursued my post graduation in Pathology. I got married in a non-Sahaja family. My husband understands and patiently supports me. I had drifted a lot from my regular practice of meditation as I had involved myself in looking after my family welfare as a priority. This also reduced my frequency in attending collectivity to only once in three months. This brought deterioration in my health. With the support of my husband who encouraged me to visit the Health Centre and improve my meditation and health, I have been here for the last 15 days and I have now enough confidence in me and improved a lot spiritually and physically.

I was here ten years back. Then there were not many patients and doctors like now. I was working with 2 other doctors, one from Germany and other from Nerul, Mumbai, India. Things have improved a lot since then. Now has almost full occupancy. There is no medication given here and just with three things – faith, surrender and prayer, one can establish oneself and bring balance in mind and body to improve health. Shri Mataji has very beautifully explained the scientific aspects of Sahaja Yoga and how to correlate the subtle system with our life. When I discuss these things among my friends, they understand them very easily. That’s how the miracle works to experience ones own ascent. There is no limit to what we seek. This place is just ideal where you get to know yourself much better and experience the peace within.

Ms. Shikha Mittal from Hyderabad, India

I am born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, India. I am a software engineer by profession and presently working with Oracle in Hyderabad. I came here for improvement of my inner state of meditation, to go deeper and deeper. After coming here, my attention got more stabilized. While working in the corporate world, it’s indeed a stressful environment, we tend to lose our attention and we get a “karta” bhavna (the doer attitude), we tend to become mechanical and dry a personality lurking within us. We start thinking, “I have to do this; I have to do that….” We use the right side; right Swadhisthana and the action of liver more and more. That possibly affects the meditation. We cannot go into thoughtlessness. Here I had a lot of work on the right Swadhisthana, liver to stabilize the attention and move into thoughtlessness awareness. A lot of foot soaking was recommended by the doctors. They taught me the techniques that help us move more into a deeper meditative state.

Mrs. Urmila from Kanpur, India

I came to the Health Centre for improving my meditation and health. I had pains in my abdomen for two months. I had consulted all leading doctors in Kanpur. They suggested CT-Scan, X-rays and Ultra-sound tests. I did everything that they told me to do, but the results were never positive. So I thought let me try visiting Shri Mataji’s Health centre, as I firmly believe Shri Mataji is doctor of doctors. Initially I could not even get up and I used to sit all the time holding my stomach. Now I am fully cured after coming here, by the grace of Shri Mataji. The doctors advised me to improve my meditation. They gave me an ice pack to use on my right side. I am doing everything they told me and I am feeling relieved. My husband is quite surprised at the improvements in my health because the condition in which I arrived here was extremely bad. I was confident about the failure of the CT scan tests. I was in extreme pain before coming here. My pains have now stopped as I could attend the collectivity over here. I came here because I think Shri Mataji had called me here to get fully cured. Mother has cured me. She is verily the doctor of doctors…the Dhanvantari.

Arunkumar Jha from Hyderabad, India

I came here for the treatment of my wife and also for my own cleansing. We are here since long and are leaving tomorrow. My wife had back pain but now she is totally cured and she is feeling better. I had asthma for eleven years but it immediately vanished when I came in to Sahaja Yoga in 1994. I also had some heart trouble. Doctors advised Angioplasty within three months. The Sahaja Yoga doctors told me to continue my regular medicines along with Sahaja Yoga meditation and cleansing. Now six years have passed, I am okay without doing Angioplasty. Here I underwent Sahaja Yoga cleansing for the Chakras and was advised to do foot soaking. These Sahaja Yoga treatments administered helped me improve my health of the subtle body as well as the state of meditation by the grace of Shri Mataji. My wife also received Sahaja Yoga treatments for both right and left sides, and prescribed meditation to develop adequate vibrations within to combat the ailment along with foot soak and ice treatments. Now both of us feel the level of vibrations have improved within us and are feeling much better while we feel the pains have vanished into thin air. The collective meditation here is very effective. We are not able to do at home. It’s very deep meditation and we listen to Shri Mataji’s lecture during the meditation, which itself is a type of treatment that cleanses our subtle self and the gross body. We can physically experience the clearance on our system and the organs. It’s some sort of prickling sensation, which itself is an indication that something is happening inside our organs.

This Health Centre is an excellent facility for mankind. You are allowed to continue your medicines. Apart from that they give Sahaja Yoga treatment, which accelerates your well-being and ascent. Many people from Hyderabad have come here for treatment and have returned satisfied. This year we were fortunate to get a chance to be treated here. By the grace of Shri Mataji we are experiencing peace of mind and good health. Sahaja Yoga is a wonderful science, which we cannot see, but we feel and experience the cleansing of our organs. We will definitely recommend this place to all when we go back.

Maria Victoria Paradinas, Josefa Ros Sanchez and Francisca Parriego from Spain (Victoria could speak English but the other two ladies spoke in Spanish and Victoria interpreted them into English).

I am a Chemist. Josefa is housewife and Francisca is a singing teacher in a musical concert. I have been in to Sahaja Yoga for 12 years and I realized that I haven’t made any progress and I wanted to have a real experience in gaining spiritual ground and I wanted to get deeper in devotion to Shri Mataji. I came here to improve my meditation. Josefa wanted to improve her attention and connect better with Mother. Francisca wanted more or less the same. We have Sahaja Yoga treatments every day. Then we have contests and homework. Sometimes I felt very good and sometimes I felt I wasn’t so well. Initially I started feeling, why I am here? My family is alone and had a doubt whether it’s really useful. But after couple of day’s treatment, the doctors changed the treatment. I realized that I was doing everything in a very mechanical way and I think it wasn’t very good. It was because of this I couldn’t improve and I couldn’t really feel that it works. I realized that the most important thing in this system was just ask Mother to make things work for us. I think that by surrendering the ego and superego, asking Mother to help us and requesting Mother that I am in Your hands, make me what You desire. It’s only that. I realized this two days ago. Now, Josefa is feeling more sensation in fingers, and also vibrations. She feels when clearing herself as all negative thoughts are coming out. Francisca says that the energy is showing her problems right in front. Now she can feel the imbalance on her fingers and she can realize what the real problem is. The doctors attended us with individual Sahaja Yoga treatments according to the conditions of our chakra, imbalances in subtle systems, accompanied by everyday meditation, foot soaking and other Sahaja Yoga techniques. Initially I used to do it fast. But now I do the treatments slowly and always thinking that Shri Mataji is treating me. We are getting good experiences in this centre. The people over here are very nice and caring.

George Karydis from Greece

I came here to clean my subtle system and as I wanted to feel the vibrations clearly and to know exactly what is happening. I took various Sahaja Yoga meditation strengthening treatments, foot soaking, vibrations from doctors and meditation. My daily routine was waking up in the morning, meditation, foot soak, going for collective meditation, having breakfast and then going to the doctor for cleansing my Chakras through vibrations. After lunch, having meditation or have little sleep. Then in the evening also some collective bhajans and some foot soaking and meditation again before going to bed. The first days are a bit difficult but then we realize something is clearing. It was strange sometimes to see your mood changing but after a few days we start enjoying it. The doctors are very helpful and very nice. The facilities are good and I didn’t have any problem even if I was in a different country and different culture. I would recommend it to people with a medical condition as well as without a medical condition for medical treatment as well for experiencing Sahaja Yoga, learning Sahaja Yoga techniques and most importantly getting into a routine; making Sahaja Yoga your daily life, as a way of living.