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In February of 2002, I was at the Sahaja Yoga Health Centre at Belapur, in order to dust off some more negativity from my subtle system. On the 19th of February, it was the sixth anniversary of the

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January 16, 1997
Professor Dr. Umesh C. Rai, Director
International Sahaja Yoga
Research & Health Centre
Plot 1, Sector 8, C.B.D.
Navi Mumbai - 400614

Dear Professor Rai:

The World Philosophers Meet in Pune, November, 1997 introduced me to some of the most remarkable men and women I ever have had the good fortune of meeting in my life. This observation of sine is wall confirmed by the fact that I, thanks to this conference, have met both you and The Holy Mother. For this I am most grateful.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the spiritual insights plus the virtues of human compassion and reverence for life, which exist in such an abundance in the genes of the people of India, when linked with the contemporary managerial and marketing skills of the world's industrialized nations, hold the key and the hope for bringing to humanity a new era, which will be characterized by Truth and Peace.

I have now concluded reading Meta Modern Era by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Medical Science Enlightened by you. These two books fascinate me very much.

Professor Rai, I commend you for doing urgently needed medical, scientific research about the preventive methodology, as well as having documented the curing effects of the Sahaja Yoga vibratory awareness process as the main platform of your research and applied science.

I firmly believe your pioneering work in the field shall in the near future be heralded as major scientific breakthrough and proof of the continued evolution of the human brain. Once scientists have verified and replicated your discovery that the evolutionary process can be accelerated by the practice of Sahaja Yoga, then the world at large has gained the all important, and much awaited, knowledge that higher levels of consciousness can willfully be obtained, which means that humans finally have reached the potential for becoming more humane.

This leads me furthermore to believe, that Sahaja Yoga should be practiced widely not only by the general public, but also by the holders of high offices in all areas of human activity. You light have discovered the scientific way for obtaining 'Truth and Peace.

I look forward to follow closely your continued work in the field of Sahaja Yoga research. Please give my best regards to both Mrs. Rai and The Holy Mother. Mrs. Nobel, our son Marcus and Dr. Erix Mortensen are likewise sending their regards.
Yours in Service to Humanity and the Earth,

Class Nobel
Founder & Chairman

The International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre was represented by Dr. U.C. Rai, who presented scientific research papers on the Science and Philosophy of Sahaja Yoga for Holistic Health Care and World Peace in the world. Philosophers met on 24th Nov 1996 at Pune and amongst the dignitaries of the world, both Mr.Claes Nobel Chairman United Earth and Prof. Mortensen. Chief Columbia University visited the presentation.

Dr.U.C.Rai was guest speaker at a medical seminar on 'The Art of Healing and Sahaja Yoga’. A special session on Alternative Medicine was organized by the Indian Medical Association New Delhi Branch on Sunday Apr 6th 1997 at 9 a.m. Dr.Sudarshan Ratan President, presided over the IMA function.